Makoski for SPS

Meet Steve Makoski

an Undergraduate in Business Management (BSBM) and Springfield businessman for 25 years serving as Risk Manager and Loss Controller for small to large Businesses and Corporations locally, throughout Missouri and the Midwest.  Steve is the Director of Compliance for Rapid Robert’s, Inc. where he oversees multiple departments and operations. Steve joined the Navy where he began as an aircraft mechanic and ended his 20 years as Aircraft Maintenance Department Chief. Steve’s naval service took him around the world living in Asia and Europe landing him in foreign service and theatres of conflicts in support of United States global interests. Steve is a family man with his wife Noriko of 43 years, two sons and three grandchildren, and a member of James River Church.

“Our schools must prioritize in-person learning and not rely solely on technology to instruct our children. Teachers want to teach, and we should return to traditional, teacher-centered learning to stop the 10-year decline of academic achievement in SPS. We must return to the “Three Rs” of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

I think in Southwest Missouri we can all agree we do not want CRT being taught in our schools. However, we should also agree that the larger issue at play is the need for better transparency and honesty from the Administration and Board of Education. Parents should be able to trust the Administration and Board of Education when they are told something is or is not being taught and that it is not just being taught through a different code name.

Parents, not schools, have full autonomy over their children’s health. To mask or not to mask. To vaccinate or not to vaccinate.”